Coming soon to Android: Photo saving direct from Facebook?


Facebook updated its Android application for members of its beta testing group Monday, giving a sneak peek at features that could be made for all Android users in the future. One of the more notable features of this update is the ability to save photos directly from the Facebook mobile photo viewer.

Additionally, it has updated Facebook Home (for members of the test group) to make the status bar denoting notifications and battery life a permanent fixture atop the lock screen.

Facebook posted in the beta testers group Monday with details of the latest update. These features are not widely available for all Facebook for Android users, but could end up in the Android native app someday.

Here’s what we’re working on in this version:
– Save photos: We added an option to save photos to your phone from the photo viewer
– Menu bar: We’ve removed the on-screen menu bar from the bottom of the app for people whose phones don’t have a hardware menu button
– Notification scrolling: When you scroll to the end of your recent notifications, older notifications will load automatically
– Photos loading in News Feed: We think we’ve addressed a problem that’s causing some people to see blank spaces where there should be photos
– Bug fixes: We fixed some known issues that were causing the app to crash

New if you’re using Facebook Home:
– Your phone’s status bar now shows at the top of the lock screen by default

The most notable update for Android beta users is the ability to save photos. Previously, users would have to take a screenshot to save a photo onto their phone. Now, once a user taps a photo to see it in the mobile Facebook photo viewer, they can then tap the menu button to be able to save the picture.


For instructions on how to become a Facebook for Android beta tester, click here.

Image courtesy of Facebook.