College Humor Unveils Fall Series Slate

As the broadcast networks grapple with deciding which of their new shows are going to survive the next few months, College Humor is rolling out its own fall lineup.

The IAC-owned comedy site on Wednesday (Oct. 6) launched three new series—all part of a broader effort to brand the site as a outlet for fans seeking original, frequently scheduled series, according to CEO Ricky Van Veen.

The new shows include Full Benefits, which depicts a couple enduring a complicated office romance; and Hello My Name Is, an improv series during which the show’s star must react and perform after being outfitted in ridiculous wigs and makeup.
Also on the docket is Very Mary-Kate, which features the exploits of a fictional version of Mary Kate Olsen.

According to Van Veen, College Humor is using the new fall lineup to help accelerate the site’s evolution. “We’re trying to shift from one-off viral videos to a full slate of shows,” he said. Van Veen believes that the Internet is more ready for more original, episodic series than it was just a few years ago, when a slew of digital studios launched ambitious series only to see them flame out.

“People didn’t understand the medium then, the audience wasn’t ready yet, and it was probably technically immature,” he said. “If you recreate TV at 2 percent of the budget, people will notice. But if you create content for the medium you can succeed. Now we’ve got a regular cast [of performers] with a following. And we’re trying to be less of a site and more of a network.”