Clooney Comedy Hour


The “Reel Journalism” series felt more like a father-son comedy routine at the Newseum last night as Nick and George Clooney traded one-liners and jabs.

The senior Clooney hosted his son and veteran Bill Small at a discussion and screening of “Good Night and Good Luck.”

And how did Nick get George to agree to the event? “He promised me booze,” George said. Other memorable one-liners include: “You’re my retirement fund,” father Clooney to son, and “in the event anybody makes a movie about me, I want Clooney to play me. I bet Brad’s not free.” That one was Bill Small.

By the end of the night, George had asked Bill Small to adopt him, asking, “Are you wealthy? I’ll take care of you.”

Tammy Haddad, Betsy Fischer, John and Barbara Cochran were all in attendance — the Cochrans slipped out just as the movie started, Barbara whispering, “I’ve seen it three times.”

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