City Builders Appear Again on This Week’s List of Fastest-Growing Facebook Games by MAU

This week’s list of fastest-growing games on Facebook by monthly active users is once again led off by MindJolt Games, which has picked up 1.7 million new MAU and is nearing its previous peaks. At present, it’s one of the few large games to have escaped a late spring decline in MAU — although it’s also in a category of its own, being a game portal rather than an individual title.

Here’s the full AppData top 20 list:

Top Gainers This Week – Games
Name MAU Gain↓ Gain, %
1. icon MindJolt Games 17,473,023 +1,775,052 +11.31
2. icon My Empire 2,559,789 +1,762,188 +220.94
3. icon Name Analyzer 2,577,646 +1,000,394 +63.43
4. icon Nightclub City 3,175,350 +720,129 +29.33
5. icon phrases 4 fun 1,020,235 +689,548 +208.52
6. icon Family Feud 6,446,393 +445,671 +7.43
7. icon Hello City 434,433 +417,135 +2,411.46
8. icon Crazy Cow Music Quiz 460,551 +310,894 +207.74
9. icon Games 2,931,516 +302,595 +11.51
10. icon Pool Master 1,375,146 +270,612 +24.50
11. icon Ranch Town 995,858 +250,040 +33.53
12. icon Baking Life 677,190 +225,130 +49.80
13. icon Mall World 3,156,966 +205,923 +6.98
14. icon YoVille 10,285,904 +203,854 +2.02
15. icon EA SPORTS FIFA Superstars 217,256 +196,937 +969.23
16. icon Bola 3,479,689 +192,723 +5.86
17. icon Collect Roses 1,478,128 +176,552 +13.56
18. icon Wild Ones 3,672,044 +167,614 +4.78
19. icon Monster World 1,142,612 +166,270 +17.03
20. icon American Flag 222,716 +161,573 +264.25

My Empire has taken off, with the kind of growth that often sees games pass the five or even 10 million MAU mark. The Roman-themed city builder, published by game giant Electronic Arts, has gained most of its 2.5 million players in just 11 days.

Below My Empire are a couple of persistent growers. Nightclub City, the first, is expanding at a slowing, but still respectable clip; the nightclub management game is still receiving rave reviews from players, with the exception of an unlucky few who seem to be encountering glitches. Family Feud is a game we would have guessed would top out at around five million MAU, but the trivia title continue to inch upward.

Hello City, at number seven, is the latest from CrowdStar. Like My Empire, it’s a city building game. Although it has been around for about a week, the majority of its growth has come in just the past two days; with that in mind, we expect that it will be vying with My Empire for one of the top three places next week.

Finally, Crazy Cow Music Quiz comes in at number eight. It’s succeeding with a tried and true formula: play a few moments of music, and let the player pick out the right song or artist from a lineup. The developer, FreshPlanet, is also worth keeping an eye on; the company has an educational iPad app called RedFish and funding from big-name VC SoftTech.