Chinese-Language Titles Take Over a Third of This Week’s List of Fastest-Growing Facebook Gamess by DAU

China has blocked Facebook, and Chinese-language users in other countries comprise just a small portion of Facebook’s total userbase. Yet this tiny group has nevertheless managed to land eight titles on this week’s AppData list of fastest-growing Facebook games by daily active users — just one less than in the English-language group, which has a playerbase that’s over 10 times as large.

Even more amazing is that Chinese-language games fill all five top spots (My Kingdom is in Chinese, despite the name):

Top Gainers This Week – Games
Name DAU Gain Gain,%
1. App_2_152645868106521_5766 My Kingdom 800,365 +711,260 +798%
2. App_2_135261626503589_1397 開心水果(开心水果) 291,063 +282,403 +3,261%
3. Original 創世紀2012 339,078 +274,415 +424%
4. Original 守衛家園 381,022 +273,051 +253%
5. Original 德州撲克(中文版) 1,003,922 +218,484 +28%
6. Original 225,722 +199,930 +775%
7. App_2_129547877091100_7928 Crime City 567,009 +144,938 +34%
8. Original Backyard Monsters 687,684 +132,699 +24%
9. App_2_141437422542260_5503 CSI: Crime City 156,875 +66,586 +74%
10. App_2_149314558413832_1420 小小戰爭 349,604 +51,204 +17%
11. App_2_120563477996213_5785 Ravenwood Fair 336,285 +46,997 +16%
12. App_2_112963552070963_1018 超級職場 — 超人氣!免費休閒養成遊戲! 53,043 +39,928 +304%
13. Original Okey 670,829 +33,273 +5%
14. App_2_152999081403645_9755 ดรีมการ์เด้น 55,236 +33,021 +149%
15. Original Warstorm 203,402 +32,103 +19%
16. App_2_157785064239480_3718 恐龍王國 202,472 +31,932 +19%
17. App_2_122219127831645_3661 Time Bomb 35,104 +30,615 +682%
18. Original Treasure Madness 331,807 +30,518 +10%
19. Original Evony 133,484 +27,481 +26%
20. App_2_108589655859196_4155 Mahjong Trails 155,546 +26,624 +21%

Although My Kingdom is by Happy Elements, three others among the top five are by a single company, Boyaa. Despite Boyaa’s dominance, there’s a good range: the top five games include two farming / city titles, an RPG, a strategy and a poker game, in that order. My Kingdom is the only one of the five that’s brand new, although further down, both 超級職場 — 超人氣!免費休閒養成遊戲! and 恐龍王國 are new. is the first English-language game, although it’s not technically a game, being instead a portal. It’s also from the Asian side of the world, as Ibibo is an Indian company that’s jointly owned by Naspers (from South Africa) and Tencent (China).

Crime City, Backyard Monsters and CSI: Crime City are all local products, to some degree. The two Crime Cities, which are actually quite different, continue to pace each other; we’ve reviewed them here and here. Backyard Monsters is becoming Casual Collective’s first truly successful title, with a long ramp-up into the millions of users.

ดรีมการ์เด้น rounds out the Asian titles, and is also one of the first real Thai games that we’ve seen achieve any significant size, although it appears to be a fairly standard gardening / farm game in the Chinese model. The developer, Gametree, appears to have some affiliation with SNSPlus, which publishes most of the other significant Thai games on Facebook.

If you’re interested in more metrics on language groups or other demographic details from Facebook, check out Inside Facebook Gold, where we track platform statistics for over 160 countries.