10 Little Known Facts About Chicago Facebook Users

ChicagoChicago is a massive midwest city. Various aspects of Chi-town’s culture can be seen around the country. Do you live in, or are you a of fan of the windy city? Maybe you just saw Ferris Bueller’s Day Off and thought it looked like a cool town? Are you one of the hundreds of thousands that flocked to the city for the Lollapalooza music festival? Chicago is the third largest city in the country, and we have researched and gathered some interesting insider facts about it’s Facebook users. Check out the stats below.


Chicago has 5,765,780 Facebook users. As expected, over half of those users were women. One interesting note, that can be shown on the chart below, is that largest age demographic from the Windy City on the site is between the ages of 25 and 34.



Chicago’s Facebook users primarily seem to be football and basketball fans. The Bears and Bulls have identical numbers and share 285,860 fans a piece. On the upside, Bull’s conference rivals the Detroit Pistons have just over 3,800 fans. It is good to see Chicago is a loyal sports town.

On the baseball field, Barack Obama’s White Sox have about 79,600 less fans than the Cubs who play at Wrigley Field. The Cubs have about 248,000 fans on the site. There are over 33,000 St. Louis Cardinal fans though. Should I start doubting that sports loyalty Chicago?

A Notable Face

Seeing that our current US President was a previously a resident of Chi-town, it was reassuring to see that Barack Obama has over 116,000 fans from the city. Strangely enough though, there are about 1,000 fans of the misspelled “Barak Obama”.


The University of Illinois at Chicago has about about 77,000 fans with 55,000 still residing in the windy city. The University of Chicago has about 52,000 graduates on Facebook in the US, but only about 19,420 are still in the city. Maybe the wind blew the rest away?


Chicago is nicknamed the Windy City, and it was reassuring to see that 8,260 residents are fans of the wind. For the 103,000 Chicago-based fans of summer, we salute for the brutal winter you have to endure. There are 8000 fans of winter though, and to them we congratulate you for picking the right city.


As mentioned earlier, hundreds of thousands flock to Grant Park for the annual Lollapalooza festival. Directly in the city though, there are only about 19,000 fans of the festival. Maybe they get tired of all the visitors?


We all remember that lovable guy Ferris trying to show his best friend Cameron one last good day in the downtown Chicago. Ferris Bueller’s Day Off has over 20,000 fans on Facebook who live in Chicago.

In contrast, Heath Ledger’s final starring role in the The Dark Knight, which was filmed in Chicago, holds over 84,000 fans. I’m guessing it is partially because of movie, but the scenery around it sure was excellent as well.


One thing the Windy City is known for is its pizza. It is a long-standing sacred tradition. One other food favorite is the Chicago style hot dog. The pizza seems to be the winner though. 4% of Chicago’s Facebook users are fans of the city’s original style pizza. The Chicago hot dog only has about 380 fans on the site.


Chicago is a very active city on Facebook. With over 5 million users on the site, they are a very diverse crowd with a variety of interests . They are very loyal to the cultures and traditions that have been established for many years. From deep-dish pizza to the Bears, Chicago is certainly a Facebook-friendly city.

Image of Chicago found via Oznia