Check Out This 3D Model of the iPad Mini

The blogosphere has long obsessed over Apple products, both real and potential, but today I think we set a new record. MacRumors has commissioned a graphic designer to make an interactive 3d of the iPad Mini.

The model is the work of CiccareseDesign, and it’s based on MacRumors’ best guesses for what the device might look like. That blog has been following the iPad Mini rumors from the beginning, and they even broke some of the rumors, so they have a first hand view of this growing story.

This model assumes that the iPad Mini has the smaller docking port, 7.85″ screen, unequal bezels, and the 2 speakers on the bottom edge. All of these details have been covered extensively by the many rumors.

You can find the model here. You’ll need a webGL compatible browser to view it, which shouldn’t be a problem considering that most current browsers (including Chrome, Firefox, and Safari) support webGL. But you might need to do some technical troubleshooting to enable this support; my Firefox web browser couldn’t display the model until after I changed several settings.

If you cannot get the 3d model to work right, here’s a video to give you an idea of what the iPad Mini might look like.

What do you think?

via MacRumors