CBS' Survivor Takes The Challenge To Fight Cancer with Online Fundraising

survivor_logoOutwit, outplay, and outlast… cancer, as promoted by the recent partnership between CBS’s Survivor and Stand up to Cancer (SU2C). SU2C is an online fundraising community that has periodic team challenges to raise money for cancer research, which makes it a perfect match for the long-running reality TV show that offers up weekly team challenges to its contestants. The “Challenge the Odds” campaign will run jointly during Survivor and online at the SU2C website, leveraging both TV and social media for a noble cause.

The partnership was announced on CBS’s The Early Show yesterday morning by SU2C spokesperson Ethan Zohn. Zohn, whose Hodgkin’s lymphoma is currently in remission, was the winner of Survivor: Africa. He announced that he would be the face for the Survivor team’s fundraising efforts, which will be encouraged on the air during Survivor and online on Survivor fan sites. During Survivor broadcasts over the next few weeks, past Survivor participants will promote the SU2C campaign in commercial spots.

SU2C is adding the Survivor team to its year-round campaign which challenges people to sign up and create their own team or join an existing one to raise money for cancer research. The SU2C Teams challenge offers fundraising widgets for participants to put on their websites and social networks.

The Survivor Team will be entering the latest group challenge, Challenge the Odds, running from August 17th to September 1st. A full 100% of the donations raised by the teams during this period will be donated to cancer research centers. Anyone can participate by creating or joining a team, and the winning teams will be featured on a live September 10th broadcast. The winning team captain will also have the opportunity to Skype with an as yet unknown celebrity.

This campaign illustrates how traditional media and social media can compliment each other for a good cause. Fundraising for Challenge the Odds will be done online via social network widgets and the SU2C website, and on air during the September 10th broadcast and episodes of Survivor. These are two complimentary channels designed to reach the widest audience possible. This campaign shows great promise and reach, and we are excited to see how much money it can raise for such a globally important cause.