CBS at the White House

elephantpolo.jpgCBS’ Public Eye sits down with “Evening News” White House producer Max McClellan to talk about elephant polo. Asked about his strangest day, he reports:

“Strange is tough. How about surreal? In that category, I’ve got a hands down favorite: elephant polo in Jaipur, India. A game sprung up in the midst of a Clinton presidential trip in 2000, after our story had been filed for the day, and at the invitation of our Indian guests. It’s hard to shake the image in my head of lumbering down a field on the back of a two ton elephant, swinging a 10 foot mallet at a tiny ball, veering around traffic jams of slow movers, and catching glimpses of colleagues who, like me, were trying gamely to act like we’d done this before.”

And asked whether this White House is more adversarial then others in dealing the press, he firmly agrees: “This White House seems particularly adversarial, as you point out, but I think there’s a pretty clear reason why. George H. W. Bush’s White House was known to be less guarded with the media, and the leaks that plagued that administration angered a young White House aide at the time, who we all know today … as George W. Well, as president, “W” was determined not to let that history repeat itself.”