Cartoon Marketing and the Modern Customer

"Welcome to world of the ever-connected, always-on, highly-opinionated, on-the-move customer."

Does the modern customer respond to cartoon marketing? Wall Street Journal cartoonist Stu Heinecke says the answer is a resounding “yes.” In his book Drawing Attention, Heinecke shares “test-proven secrets” for marketing using cartoons.

In direct contrast to famed advertiser, David Ogilvy, who said “humor doesn’t work,” Heinecke believes that cartoons are an essential part any successful marketing campaign. And he can prove it. His customers report doubling their open rates with the inclusion of cartoons — particularly via email — with similar results for B2B.

“Cartoons have always given me an unfair advantage,” Heinecke told SocialTimes. “They’re better read and remembered than just about anything else you could put into print. They melt the ice, people love them, and they impart a point of agreement immediately. I think they’re the ultimate involvement and engagement device.”

According to CartoonLink, a company founded by Heinecke, “most promotional mail finds its way to the trash bucket quickly. Not ours. Our postcards are treated like keepsakes and kept on refrigerator doors or office walls for years. Now that’s sticky marketing.”

Writing for Salesforce, Heinecke provides five reasons why cartoons are a powerful tool for social media marketers. Here’s an excerpt:

1.  Cartoons are one of the most powerful involvement devices on the planet

As marketers, we’re constantly challenged to find ways to break through the clutter.  Cartoons do this effortlessly, but with an added bonus. Humor is about revealing truth in a twist.  Just the act of laughing means the reader has instantly picked up a key point of agreement you can build upon within your messaging.

2.  Cartoons double email open rates and increase engagement

When clients test our “cartoon device” (a bi-monthly cartoon feature with personalized caption and multi-function header) in their e-mail campaigns, they usually see their open rates double and then sustain that higher metric over multiple deliveries.  Cartoons are also a great device to prompt viral pass-along of your campaign.

3.  Cartoons can help you break through to VIP prospects

If you’re involved in selling or strategic business development, the ability to break through to heavily-defended VIP prospects — CEOs, C-level executives and the like — is critical to your success.  I use cartoons constantly to achieve this task, usually with spectacular results.  Sandler Training tested it, for example, and generated a 100 percent response and 8,000 percent ROI.

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