Candace Bowser: Digital Writer Spotlight

bookshelf.jpgNovelist Candace Bowser found inspiration on one community writing site, writing an entire novel based on another member’s character. Follow this link to read her work at Off the Bookshelf.

Founder Scott Weisenthal praised her work: “Here’s an author who recognized a great character in Kevin Davison’s book Wrath (Jaden Gibbons) and, with Kevin’s blessing, expanded Jaden and used the character in her own stories. Pray for Death is the first in the Mantis series. What sets the Mantis series a part from other assassin novels is the perspective in which they are written and the unique ways Jaden find to take to her targets down.”

Welcome to eBookNewser’s Digital Writer Spotlight feature. We’ve launched this feature to recognize the established and emerging voices within online communities. On a regular basis, we will feature hand-picked reading recommendations from community leaders at writing sites–introducing readers to the world of socially networked fiction. If you want to nominate a writing community, email eBookNewser with your recommendation.