Byte-ing The Hand That Feeds You

As we’ve been talking about on and off for the last couple of months, the question facing many news organizations is how to bring content online without cannabilizing their revenue and thus operations.

A very thoughtful blog entry today examines the differing online approaches of the Washington Post and the New York Times–and how the Post’s aggressive online approach is a little confusing but perhaps the one most true to the future of the web.

“Whereas the NYT appears indifferent to the potential loss of links to their stable of famous columnists, the Post is promoting on its own site every link from every blogger, no matter how obscure, to each of its articles or blogs. Whereas the NYT is creating an incentive for its home delivery subscribers to keep paying subscription fees and maintain current circulation levels for advertisers, the Post is creating an incentive for every blogger or website to see the Post the preferred place to get and link to the news,” chez Nadezhda writes.

It’s worth a careful read to put the Times’ upcoming move in perspective.

> An e-mailer says: “Here’s something else about Times Select… Apparently they’re not giving out media comp subscriptions. That’s one way to make sure TV producers don’t read your columnists.”