But What Do All These Facebook Changes Mean?!?

OK, so Facebook announced quite a few policy tweaks over the past couple of weeks, leaving even the savviest surfers a little confused. We weren’t following the developments too closely, but we’ve done a brief run-through to sum things up.

Here’s what you CAN and CANNOT do on Facebook as we enter the big, long weekend:

  • You CAN embed Facebook posts on other sites, just like tweets.
  • You CANNOT embed GIFs on your Facebook timeline. That was a fake out to promote Giphy, which peddles flash files.
  • Brands CAN now more easily run contests on their fans’ timelines without using third-party apps.
  • That’s not to say they SHOULD run more contests on their fans’ timelines, because everybody gets sick of that stuff pretty quickly (but here are some cool ideas anyway).
  • Facebook CANNOT use those sneaky “sponsored stories” that made it look like your friends were trying to get you to like brands after settling a related lawsuit.
  • But your image, info, and shared content CAN still be used to promote stuff to your friends under the new legal guidelines. If you don’t like it, well then you’d better just kill your account (and good luck with that). Here’s the post announcing these changes if you want to let ‘em know how you feel.
  • All your friends and your teenage brother tell you that they CANNOT stand Facebook ads, but those promotions aren’t going anywhere, because Facebook’s share of the global ad market more than tripled this year. The old school still rules (for now).
  • At the same time, if you run any brand-related content on Facebook, you CAN stop focusing on likes as a measure of success, because they don’t translate to ROI and they never really will.

Did we miss anything?