Build and Protect Your Kingdom in Castle Rock on Facebook

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In action-battle Facebook game Castle Rock, players travel to a land tormented by an evil dragon, and must rescue the world’s survivors while defeating their enemies before it’s too late. The game offers a mix of level-based gameplay and city-building, as users complete one battle encounter at a time, choosing their team based on the kinds of enemies on the opposing side. Outside of battle, they’ll complete quests and train new warriors for their army.

Each battle is turn-based, allowing gamers to strategize their attacks by looking at the attack order at the top of the screen. That is, it might be smartest to attack the enemy that will move first, in the hopes of defeating it entirely before that can happen. In addition to melee and ranged attacks, players also have access to special powers, including explosions for damaging enemies or healing spells for their team.

Castle Rock on Facebook

Back in the village, players can upgrade their troops in the academy, or collect resources (like copper and gold) from mines and villagers, among other sources. These upgrades may increase a soldier’s health or armor points, but require copper to purchase.

Gamers can purchase new storage buildings for their kingdoms, as well as homes, additional mines, gardens and many other buildings. Once the village is full, players can spend resources to push out into the forest, unlocking more land for construction.

For social features, gamers can visit other players’ kingdoms and attack their buildings for free resources. Users are encouraged to assign some of their warriors to guard their own castle from oncoming attacks, and gamers may need to work for their loot by defeating these defenders.

Castle Rock is available to play for free on Facebook. The game is supported via microtransactions, and allows players to purchase copper, coins and other materials instantly with real money.