Brevity is the Soul of Wit

So in the interest of being witty, I shall be brief. I remember the good old days when I could grab a paper, sit down, and read it from front to back. Those were the days, now however I need to know everything that happened in the world and I needed to know it ten minutes ago.

Enter the world of brijit and their new Facebook application. Brijit actually offers several key features that make it a useful application. First and foremost brijit compresses news to a feed of 100 words or less.

You can customize your news feeds and let your friends suggest news feeds as well. These articles can be voted on letting the world know what you think of them.

Brijit also gives you the opportunity to get paid for being a news junkie. Read a news story somewhere that you think you can boil down to a usable abstract. Give it a shot, if brijit ends up using your abstract they will pay you $5 dollars or more. You’re not going to pay the mortgage with this but hey, it’s a couple of beers during happy hour.

To be honest no one has time to read all the news in the world today. Give brijit a shot and get your daily news in shot form. Now if they can find a way to distill the Wall Street Journal down to a twitter feed I would be super impressed.