BREAKING! AIGA No Longer An Acronym!!!


We really have no idea why we’re at a computer today and, for real, for shame if anyone else is too. But we surfed around long enough to stumble across this absolute gem of a graphic design world-shocking revelation. The AIGA, formerly (this is called foreshadowing) known as the American Institute of Graphic Arts, has changed its name (but hopefully not its spots). It’s now called “AIGA, the professional association for design.”

We’re officially anti-endorsing this. AIGA had a nice ring to it. Acronyms make sense. Whereas “the professional association for design” gets lost in a muddle of boredom and general crapitude. Here’s their excuse:

In this new form, if one is asked what AIGA stands for, the answer is evident: “the professional association for design.” This is actually a clearer answer than “The American Institute of Graphic Arts.” You do not need to explain literally what the initials stand for; no one explains what the initials ESPN or MCI stand for.

Our new holiday recipe: a generous helping of illogic with a dash of hubris. We’re curious, though. Anyone else have any thoughts on this? Why they did it? Do you like it? Dislike it? Think we’re off our proverbial rockers for thinking it sucks so hard? You know the drill: unbeige at mediabistro dot com.