Brands Increasing Mobile Advertising in 2011

Nearly every brand is planning on spending more on mobile advertising this year. However, most brands are still not sure that mobile advertising is all that great.

According to a new survey conducted by the Association of National Advertisers, in conjunction with the Mobile Marketing Association, a whopping 88 percent of advertisers plan to be active in mobile in 2011—up from 62 percent last year. Three quarters of brands plan to significantly increase their mobile ad spending. On average, respondents said they plan to spend 59 percent more than they did on mobile in 2010.

However, while mobile is becoming a standard line on the average flowchart, brands are still waiting to be wowed by the medium’s effectiveness. Just a quarter of the 97 advertisers surveyed by the ANA called their mobile campaigns “extremely” or “very” successful while 53 percent labeled their mobile activity as “somewhat” successful—a rather lukewarm endorsement for a much-hyped medium.

According to the ANA/MMA’s findings, mobile may take some getting used to. Brands that have been active longer in the space were more likely to rate their efforts as successful versus brands that were new to the medium.