Brands Can Now Buy Sponsored Replays and Skips on Pandora Based on Genre

Ebay tests format for Christmas campaign

Back in September, Pandora started selling a subscription service called Pandora Plus. As part of the new feature, the music streaming company also added a new advertising format to its ad-supported business that lets brands pay to sponsor skips and replays.

Now, brands can buy packages of those skips and replays by genre, starting with some of Pandora's most popular tunes—Christmas music.

Sponsored playbacks and replays are built on the same idea as Pandora's sponsored listening ad format, which rewards consumers with free content in exchange for watching a video ad.

Starting Dec. 1, eBay will run a two-week campaign on Pandora's "Traditional Christmas" station. Once someone watches a 15-second video, they'll be able to replay and skip songs. EBay's sponsorship also includes audio and display promos.

"The amount of time that consumers spend with these [Christmas] stations is substantial—it's four to five hours," said Alan Schanzer, svp of agency and advertiser development at Pandora. "We've seen success with sponsored listening because advertisers are really trying to find ways to capture attention and these are engagement-based products."

In addition to Christmas, brands can also sponsor workout, Cinco de Mayo, gaming and new music genres.

EBay's CMO Suzy Deering said the brand ran a similar holiday campaign last year that sponsored Pandora's "cooking" genre, with consumers spending an average of one hour listening to content. People also added the station to radio channels 2.3 million times.

This year, the brand's holiday campaign—dubbed The Gift They've Been Waiting For—maps out gifts for 12 types of people like foodies or "décor connoisseurs" and also includes Snapchat, Facebook and Imgur ads.

"Each year, we see there are three distinct phases of holiday shopping—early, peak and last minute," Deering said. "The people who tune into Pandora's Christmas Traditional station represent the very audience our campaign targets, which is why this partnership makes so much sense."