BlogCatalog Widget Lifestreams Your Online Activity

blog_catalogBlog Catalog, the rapidly growing social blog directory that lets you find new blogs or promote your own, has just announced the release of a social network activity widget.

As the number of online communities continues to expand, it’s becoming increasing difficult to follow your friends and favorite bloggers. The BlogCatalog social network aggregator changes all that, allowing you to display all of your activities at over 20 popular social networks right on your own blog or Website.Whether it’s music you’re listening to at, an article you’re voting up on Digg, or a video you’re posting on YouTube, your readers can now easily get a peek into your online “lifestream.”

BlogCatalog boasts over 100,000 approved bloggers interacting on the Website everyday. In order to create this new widget you must be a registered user. It’s free to sign up unless you decide to donate a few bucks to further the product. This will entitle you to additional features, including: special beta access, no ads, and a chance to get featured on the BlogCatalog homepage,

More social networks are expected to be added as the product evolves. As you know, it’s common practice for bloggers to repeat the same “transaction” across several social networks (i.e. – vote up one their own stories). Just in case you have information that is the same across several networks, you can manually remove items.

This product is the ultimate in a portable “calling card” for people to follow your Web activities. By not favoring any of the old social network standbys, the product does not play favorites. A universal public reader is something every blogger can get behind.