BBE Tests Demo-Based Video Ad Product

Online video ad network BBE wants to make selling Web video ads a lot more like TV—only better.

The company said it has been testing a new product that will enable digital buyers to target video ads based on specific demographic targets, much like TV. The new service, BBE Real Demo, is the result of a recent partnership between BBE and the Web metrics firm Quantcast.

According to BBE officials, online video ad inventory is typically sold in bulk across numerous sites, and advertisers target ads based on content and context rather than demographic data. But with BBE Real Demo, which the company began testing in August, the company is now able to provide demographic-level ad targeting by extracting up-to-the-minute audience data from Quantcast, which places a small piece of tracking code on a growing number of large and small sites across the Internet.

Selling audience demographics is closer to what happens in the TV business, where ratings points are guaranteed for advertisers targets such as men 18 to 34. That should theoretically make Web video more palatable to traditional TV brands, according to Matt Wasserlauf, BBE’s CEO. However, in the case of BBE Real Demo, the product should be even more efficient than TV.

“The real time delivery and optimization capabilities of BBE Real Demo will propel online video advertising past traditional media ads because they’ll sharply reduce the waste associated with broadcast TV ad campaigns,” said Wasserlauf.