Bateman’s 12 Days of Nerd Christmas

The Bateman Group also felt flush enough to produce a holiday video, though the small tech and social media marketing firm chose to outsource the merriment, embarrassment, and possibly impairment to the Gale Bradley Singers.

The above Dickensian-style caroling pokes fun at the business and “Silicon Valley values,” according to Fred Bateman . He wanted us to see how superior the Group’s 12 Days of Christmas is compared to B&O’s “pretty lame” effort.

Here’s Bateman’s noggy recipe for a merry holiday season:

12 Happy clients
11 Broken embargos
10 Cover stories
9 VCs bitching
8 Products launching
7 bylines brewing
6 CEOs Tweeting
5 IPOs
4 Magic quadrants
3 Facebook page
2 Viral videos
A solution based on cloud computing

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