Backflip Studios Launches Spellfall on iOS

Spellfall 650PlunderNauts publisher Backflip Studios has announced the launch of Spellfall on iOS devices. The puzzle RPG takes players on a quest to defeat evil monsters and save the world from ruin, one match-three encounter at a time. In the game, players drag and drop symbols to create matches of three or more like-symbols on the board and attack their opponents. However, the game isn’t confined to just swapping items that are next to one another.

In each battle, players can swap any two symbols, regardless of location or type, to create matches, even if the symbol they move doesn’t trigger an instant match formation. That is, players can drag symbols around the board to create all match-five matches if they wish, but will spend their “moves” in doing so. After players run out of moves on a single turn, the enemy attacks.

As players complete levels, they’ll earn coins and experience points. These coins can be used to purchase better weapons and gear, which can be filled with elemental runes. These runes unlock special attacks or spells while playing, triggered by matching elemental symbols on the board. For instance, a poison spell is charged by making matches with green leaf symbols, while a healing spell is cast after making multiple matches with blue water drops.


Matches of four-or-more like-symbols create power-ups, capable of clearing whole rows or columns of symbols from the board, which in turn, causes more damage to the opponent. Enemies themselves have elemental weaknesses, which players can capitalize on due to the freedom of symbol movement on the board.

Gamers can replay completed levels for additional rewards and practice, and they can spend coins on potions to increase their power in each battle. One may give them extra moves to complete before their turn ends, while another may add special spell tiles to the board. When used in a match, these spell tiles trigger large attacks on the enemy. A water match triggers a large wave, for instance, while matching lightning symbols creates a lightning storm over the enemy.

Spellfall is now available to download for free on iOS, and will launch on Google Play and the Amazon Appstore in the coming weeks.