AT&T U-verse TV Gains 3rd Party iOS Social Apps

Miso app for U-verse.

Miso app for U-verse.
Watching TV has always had a social component. In the early days people in a community might gather around one of the few sets available for group viewing and discussion. Later when sets appeared in every home, people would gather around water coolers and break rooms to discuss shows from the night before. In the 21st century, we are back to real-time communal viewing without the need to be in the same room. AT&T U-verse TV customers can now choose from a variety of iOS apps to search for information and share opinions while watching programs.|news_u-verse

BuddyTV Guide: Provides personalized recommendations, a customizable TV guide, show reminders and real-time commenting as well as extra content on your mobile device based on what you’re watching on TV. From BuddyTV Guide, you simply tap to tune into a show on your AT&T U-verse receiver.

Miso Lets you easily share what you’re watching, discover new shows based on what your friends watch and get cool information about your favorite shows.

TV Foundry: Lets you search for shows, trailers, interviews, songs and companion content, show it on the big screen and share it with friends via Facebook and Twitter.

Wayin: Allows you to share opinions with other Wayin community members as you post and receive photos and questions about the shows that you are watching. Wayin is able to understand the television program that you are watching and changes with you as you change programs.

Here’s a demonstration of how the Miso app, in particular, interacts with AT&T U-verse.