Arizona Governor Is Using Twitter to Shame Deadbeat Dads

Finally, trolling has a good purpose.

If you don’t live in Arizona, you may not be familiar with Gov. Doug Ducey.

While the country was focused on Washington DC for the State of the Union, Ducey used his state powers to do the unthinkable — he found a charming way to channel the power of trolls. Ducey declared that he would publicly shame those men who make a baby but won’t raise a child via Twitter.

If you owe child support, the state government — through its Department of Economic Security (DES) handle — will post on Twitter names, photos, and the amount of child support you owe. Like this one:

The Verge reports that there are 421 of these losers roaming Arizona’s streets. So the state passed a law that requires the DES to post names and photos of individuals who owe child support to its website.

And now, it’s gets even awesomer for the PR Win:

“For too long, you’ve been able to remain anonymous, able to skirt your financial and legal responsibilities with no shame,” Ducey said during his State of the State address on Monday. “Well here’s a new one for all the deadbeat dads out there: effective immediately, the state is going to begin posting the photos, names and money owed by these losers to social media, with the hashtag ‘#deadbeat.’”

Deadbeat dads who really are trolls, here’s some social media lingo the Arizona governor would like to share: You just got PWNED. Now pay up, slackers.

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