Apple iMovie 09 8.0.4 Fixes iPhone 3GS Video Rotation Issue


I caught this news over on Macworld…

iMovie 8.0.4 update fixes problem with iPhone 3GS video

…and fired up Mac OS X’s Software Update to get my update. You can see a screenshot of the fixes included in this update. I wonder if this issues lies in iMovie or the 3GS’s video format though. I noted an oddity myself the other day but do not know where the problem stems from. Someone shot a short video using an iPhone 3GS and converted the resulting file to a MOV video file format to reduce the size of the video file. I brought the MOV file into a couple of video editors. The result was that the video, which was recorded in landscape orientation, was stretched vertically into a portrait orientation resulting in a distorted video. iMovie itself, however, was able to work fine with the original file format.