Apple Exec Bitch Slaps Samsung Before Galaxy S4 Debut

“Once you spend time with the Galaxy S4, I’m very confident you’ll find how its innovations make your life simple and fuller.”

OK, so Samsung president JK Shin tends to exaggerate a bit. In case you missed it, yesterday’s big tech news concerned the debut of the Samsung Galaxy S4, the company’s latest volley in the ongoing marketing war between Samsung and Apple, the world’s biggest smartphone companies.

We agree that features like the “SmartScroll“, which detects when a user is looking at the phone and responds accordingly, are very cool. But from a PR perspective we’re more interested in Apple marketing chief Phil Schiller‘s decision to make the media rounds and slam his competitor before yesterday’s product rollout. Frankly, we see this as a bad sign for Apple.

Data showing that four times as many users switched from Galaxy to iPhone is all well and good, but isn’t that sort of thing better suited for internal meetings? The fact that Apple needs to prove itself is not encouraging. While the iPhone remains the biggest seller in America, Samsung rules in the crucial Asia market–and Apple’s share of American sales is dropping.

Apple already won a lawsuit accusing Samsung of aping its own technologies like the touch screen, but this more aggressive messaging posture doesn’t feel triumphant–it feels desperate.

Both Google and Samsung declined to comment on the Schiller interviews. Maybe he should have done the same thing.