AppData Facebook Application Stats Service: Now Faster and With Daily Active Users

It’s been just over a year since we first launched AppData, the easiest way to track application traffic on the Facebook Platform. Since then, the number of interesting applications on the Facebook Platform has only continued to grow. Today, we’re excited to announce two big updates to AppData: faster loading times and historical DAU (daily active user) charts.

With AppData, you can:

  • See which applications are gaining and losing the most traffic – every day
  • See the leading applications and developers in any application category
  • View historical traffic charts for tens of thousands of Facebook applications

AppData was designed to be an easy to use resource for anyone interested in tracking application trends on the Facebook Platform. That being said, the site has a lot of room for growth and improvement, and we’d love to hear your feedback and suggestions for features and functionality that you’d like to see added. Please send your thoughts, suggestions, and feedback to mail AT appdata DOT com. AppData is still in beta, and (as long as Facebook lets us) we look forward to making the site increasingly valuable to you in the future.

Here’s a look at what you’ll find on AppData:

1. Facebook Application and Developer Traffic Leaderboards

Leaderboards for Monday, October 26, 2009

App Leaderboard

1. FarmVille61,660,329
2. Causes34,373,044
3. Mafia Wars25,825,466
4. Café World23,814,664
5. We’re Related by FamilyLink21,249,758
6. Pet Society20,714,196
7. YoVille19,888,786
8. Farm Town18,661,880
9. Texas HoldEm Poker18,573,191
10. Happy Aquarium18,351,975
11. Birthday Cards17,670,442
12. Restaurant City17,454,448
13. Facebook for iPhone16,237,123
14. MindJolt Games15,166,798
15. Movies14,340,182

Developer Leaderboard

1. Zynga174,616,631
2. Playfish59,036,679
3. RockYou!44,662,642
4. Causes34,373,044
5. Facebook27,458,622
6. Slide, Inc.27,046,477
7. 6 waves25,837,800
8. FamilyLink.com22,016,200
9. eitandesign21,409,274
10. CrowdStar19,723,377
11. Slashkey18,661,880
12. LivingSocial15,262,473
13. MindJolt15,166,798
14. 3happybytes14,955,295
15. Flixster14,340,182

2. Top Application Gainers and Losers – On a Daily and Rolling Weekly Basis

Top Gainers This Week
Name MAU Gain↓ Gain, %
1.icon Make a Quiz!11,722,723+4,488,718+38.29
2.icon Quiz Monster10,036,195+4,320,448+43.05
3.icon Happy Aquarium18,351,975+3,878,861+21.14
4.icon Café World23,814,664+3,755,339+15.77
5.icon Quiz Creator4,748,099+2,413,570+50.83
6.icon Causes34,373,044+1,844,044+5.36
7.icon RockYou Live8,128,028+1,539,703+18.94
8.icon FarmVille61,660,329+1,337,570+2.17
9.icon Movies14,340,182+1,175,306+8.20
10.icon Horoscopes7,158,456+874,836+12.22
11.icon Bejeweled Blitz9,387,901+672,871+7.17
12.icon Music Challenge3,274,445+609,191+18.60
13.icon Who was i, in my past life ?1,830,061+469,299+25.64
14.icon Music11,832,427+437,692+3.70
15.icon Pet Society20,714,196+432,279+2.09
16.icon Restaurant City17,454,448+379,576+2.17
17.icon Halloween Haunting1,017,893+371,167+36.46
18.icon Friend Quiz4,312,447+340,285+7.89
19.icon (Lil) Farm Life5,767,916+323,588+5.61
20.icon Facebook for iPhone16,237,123+294,116+1.81

3. Historical Traffic Charts – For Tens of Thousands of Facebook Applications


That’s it for now! We look forward to hearing your thoughts. See more at