Ann Arbor Goes From Print To Web

Another publication is abandoning print to become a web only publication. Romenesko reports that Ann Arbor News will make the jump from daily newspaper to a primarily online publication. The website,, will produce two weekly editions of their newspaper.

“The Ann Arbor News was struggling as a daily print newspaper, with steep losses in 2008,” said publisher Laurel Champion. “At the same time the demand for local news and information in a wired community has never been stronger.”

Employees of the paper were told that they can apply for jobs at, but could expect some job losses as the paper moves to its online iteration. Former chief marketing officer for The Plain Dealer, Matt Kraner, will serve as the site’s president and chief executive and Tony Dearing, former editor of the Flint Journal, was named chief content leader. Champion will stay on as Vice President of the website.

While providing primarily acting as a news site, the company is looking to add innovative features that will make the site more interactive and social.