Animoto Challenges Slide on Facebook

Earlier this week at SXSW, Animoto announced the launch of their new Facebook application. Animoto is a really slick photo-video montage creation tool that integrates audio and smooth motion effects that move to the beat of the song you choose. I use Animoto anytime I’m in need of displaying a photo montage on my websites because it instantly adds a professional touch.

The new Facebook application enables you to instantly select photos from your existing Facebook albums. The one downfall of this application is that the videos are limited to 30 seconds unless you register at the main Animoto website. I’ve registered previously and it’s well worth it. While I think this may provide users with an incentive to their website, I think it would be better just to unlock it or try to charge a small fee for longer videos.

One of the best features of this application is an existing library of high quality music clips that can overlay your videos. The ultimate aim is to also provide musicians with a way to virally spread their music. One other feature announced just yesterday is one click publishing for YouTube. Unfortunately that feature is not currently included in the Facebook application but being able to display the slick video slideshows on your profile is really great.

I would like to be able to embed the videos on my website as well from the Facebook application but that feature is not included. If you would like to experience Animoto’s complete feature set, I highly recommend signing up for their main website. If you would like to integrate the videos into your profile, go grab the Animoto Videos application.

Animoto Screenshot