Angry NY Customers Taking Cablevision to Court

Cablevision and News Corp. have been tangled up over a dispute about retransmission fees for weeks now. Customers are pissed off that they’re being asked to watch the World Series online and might have to miss some football game that’s happening this weekend (we’re not football fans). Now customers have slapped Cablevision with a $450 million class action lawsuit.

The suit asks for “restitution for Cablevision’s 3 million customers, who have been deprived of the Fox Channels, which have been replaced by Cablevision’s annoying and self-serving loop, which whines about News Corp.’s supposed failure to negotiate in good faith,” The Wrap reports. It’s worth noting that the lawyer representing the customers has ties to Fox, according to the Los Angeles Times.

Cablevision responded with a statement: “News Corp. is the company that deserves a lawsuit, for blacking out the World Series in three million New York-area homes. The FCC has all the facts and our customers are demanding that the FCC act to end the FOX blackout.”