Angry Birds Passed Half-Billion Downloads. 100 Million Downloads in Just the Past Two Weeks!

Angry Birds will mark its 23rd month (not years) on the market next week Friday. It launched on December 11, 2009. In less than two years Angry Birds has become so iconic that it is recognized even by people who have never played the game. Let’s take a look at some of the other remarkable numbers this mobile game franchise has generated in less than two years starting with this item from Reuters:

Angry Birds tops 500 million downloads

Angry Birds passed the 100 million download mark around March 14, 2011. This means that there have been 400 million downloads in less than 8 months. Even more remarkable to note is that Angry Birds passed the 400 million download mark just two weeks ago. That’s 100 million downloads in two weeks. You can see the hockey stick shift in downloads in the chart I prepared to the left.