Android App Sales $60 Per Day vs. iPhone App Sales at $10K Per Day: You Do the Math

Although I returned my T-Mobile G1 for a refund shortly after its release last October, I’m still very interested in the Android platform and bullish for its future. However, Android app sales reports like this one…

Android Market Sales, Are Those Tears or is it Raining in Here?

…makes me wonder if my pro-Android stance is misplaced. The author, Matt Hall, reports that two of his apps are in the top 15 but generating a paltry $63.39 in sales (not net revenue) per day. Compare this to iFart Mobile’s Joel Comm who reported his iPhone App Store sales numbers during the 2008 holiday season. iFart Mobile for iPHone was selling more than 13,000 units per day at 99 cents per sale during its peak. That roughtly translates to $13,000+ per day (on peak days) before Apple took their 30%. You can find Joel’s post on the subject in his blog here…

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Can Android gain traction without a heavy app sales ecosystem? Maybe. But, I think the platform would do a lot better with better app sales.

You can find a podcast discussion I had with Joel Comm back in mid-January 2009 in the embedded player below: