American Airlines Honors ‘Mistake Rates,’ Earns PR Mileage

Flying the friendlier skies.

Since the harrowing days that followed September 11, 2001, the airline industry has been pummeled and left with no hope, little assistance, and no real good PR beyond the occasional, mostly random stunt. (Yes, Frontier Airlines, we’re looking at you.)

Given the financial woes most airlines have been facing, everyone would expect the bag fares (sans Southwest) and all those ridiculous fees during their travels because we all have to eat, right?

That is what makes what American Airlines did so newsworthy and #PRWin. According to the Consumerist, AA had a tumultuous computer issue that caused all published fares on its website to reduce round trips by 90 percent.

aa cyber issues

Ask yourself: If you saw a trip to Sao Paulo, Brazil  to Hong Kong for R$1,255 Brazilian Reals (BRL), or approximately $350 U.S. dollars, you would go in a minute. Usually that fare would cost R$12,000 or about $3,350 in U.S. currency.

Many clicked “buy,” so what is American doing? The right thing.

American confirmed in a statement to Airline Reporter that it “will honor mispriced fares that were booked last week,” adding that it hopes “customers enjoy their experience with American and book with us again in the future.”

Sure, this will never happen again (because the person responsible is currently looking for a gig at Spirit Airlines or some such) but AA did surprise many cynics by honoring the prices listed despite related “issues.”

I’ll be downloading the app today.