Amazon Accused Of Meeting Directly With Agents

Amazon is not making friends with publishers in the UK. First the retailer said that publishers could not set their own eBook prices, but then allowed an agency model after publishers fought back.

Now, Amazon is being accused of bypassing publishers and setting up meetings directly with agents  at the Frankfurt Book Fair as a way to punish publishers for adopting an agency model.

The Bookseller has more: “A meeting with about 60 agents, organised via the Association of Authors’ Agents, followed a series of individual meetings Amazon recently held with author representatives. PFD chief executive Caroline Michel was among those who met Amazon at the Frankfurt Book Fair. News of the meetings came as Amazon France chief executive Xavier Garambois warned this week that e-books should be at least 30% to 40% cheaper than print versions, or else the market would not take off.”

Via TeleRead.