What Every Social Media Marketer Should Know About Alterian SM2

Alterian SM2 is a business intelligence solution designed to provide visibility into social media and let brands tap into their customers’ thoughts and opinions. It allows marketers to capture and analyze data from social media channels to monitor brands, identify key communities/ influencers, address customer service issues, conduct unbiased research and generate new sales leads. Data generated from Alterian SM2 were used in our analysis of social media stories on the JetBlue flight attendant “freak out” and the Groupon/Gap promotion.

After the jump – what you need to know about Alterian SM2.

Ways the product benefits social media campaigns

SM2 delivers insights intended to help brands make faster and better decisions to improve their businesses in significant ways:

  • Monitor and understand what consumers are saying about brands to leverage insights for strategic planning and market research
  • Identify emerging topics and hot issues that require immediate response
  • Identify opinion leaders and social influencers for marketing outreach; then gauge effectiveness of marketing programs in reaching and influencing key target audiences
  • Understand the conversation around competitors’ products and services
  • Develop better products and services based on unbiased consumer feedback

Coolest feature

SM2 uses advanced filtering to focus on the relevant sources of information, presenting the right information to make decisions without wading through irrelevant sources of data, saving time and money. Category Rules offers the abilities to create top level categories and subsets of data; track trending data; and manipulate the data.

Feature rundown

  • Metrics – SM2 measures total number of posts and average number of posts per day, as well as sentiment analysis and popularity of those posts. Metrics are available through keyword searches. In addition to sentiment analysis, which enables users to analyze words within a post to search for positive and negative brand references and determine content tone, SM2 also records the popularity, or influence, of the posts.
  • Analytic Reports – SM2 provides users with a comprehensive set of conversation analytics reports. Available reports include daily volume, key sources of conversations, date and history comparisons, theme identification, demographics, use of specific domains, author tags and map overlay.
  • Content Coverage – Alterian has partnered with industry leaders to cover all social media outlets – blogs, microblogs, message boards/forums, wiki , video/photo sharing, social networks , mainstream media , classified sites and review sites.
  • Social Media Warehouse – SM2 has an extensive historical data, containing more than 9 billion social media mentions, blogs, tweets, posts, images and conversations. This data includes in-depth information for each search result, including 36 types of data ranging from the date of publication to the physical location of the content creator. Alterian continuously scans and indexes online conversations to add to this growing data warehouse, collecting more than 35 million new results daily. SM2 clients have full access to the database via the SM2 User Interface tools for analysis, sentiment, reporting and real-time alerts.

User profile

The ideal customer is any business who wants an easy-to-use, affordable and cost-effective social media monitoring and engagement solution to help monitor brands, identify key communities/ influencers, address customer service issues, conduct unbiased research and generate new sales leads.

User review

“I spent the day playing with one of your competitors and getting frustrated. I found the SM2 site, signed up, entered my topic and was blown away. I had been looking at blog and twitter posts all day and now I was looking at graphs, charts and clouds. Wow! I’m impressed.” – Pete Barry, Woflmotell Agency

Recent news

Alterian recently acquired social media analytics and market research firm Intrepid, a consulting business that helps its clients derive actionable business intelligence from social media data. Intrepid has 40 employees, with offices in Seattle and London as well as a rapidly growing social media analytics team in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. “The addition of Intrepid into the Alterian portfolio gives our partners and customers access to an extremely talented group of people with a deep track record in social media analytics and market research,” said Alterian CEO David Eldridge.


Pricing starts at $500 per month.

Compared to competition

According to the company,

“Coverage: SM2 continuously aggregates and analyzes data from the widest range of social media mentions. Working with this broad network of content sources allows SM2 to deliver reports and metrics based on a census of data rather than a small sample, ensuring greater accuracy. In fact, SM2 measures more than 35 million new results every day.

“Relevancy: Advanced filters allow users to focus on relevant sources of information for a business. Eliminating the irrelevant sources of data saves both time and money. A simple, easy-to-use interface allows users to create their own top-level categories and subsets of data, track trending data and manipulate the data as necessary. The 36 types of metadata can also be viewed across a map to see specifically where your audience is located.

“Sentiment Analysis: SM2 utilizes a proprietary set of technologies to enable the most accurate and customizable sentiment analysis in the DLT industry. Tools include a customizable directory, manual review and override, text mining, multi-language sentiment and multi-level sentiment.

“Global coverage: SM2 offers sentiment analysis in 16 languages, language filtering and detection in 22 languages, ability to collect content and set up search terms in ALL languages, and a translate link that automatically translates a result into your default language.”

With an ever-increasing number of social media marketing options, brands and agencies are searching for solutions to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of their campaigns. This series reports on significant product releases and updates to assist in selecting the most appropriate tools to meet individual objectives. We recently presented Buddy Media, Loyalty Match on Demand, Analytic.ly and JitterJam .