Alpha Version of Yahoo! Meme Launches

YahooMemeLogo.jpgYahoo!’s latest attempt to join the world of social networking is the alpha launch of an English-language version of Yahoo! Meme, which is run by Yahoo! Southeast Asia, paidContent reports.

Yahoo! Meme allows users to post short entries, photos and videos to their pages, or memes. They can also follow other memes and repost entries from them, as well as tracking entries from memes they are following via one central dashboard, according to paidContent.

From Yahoo! Meme’s About page:

Meme from Yahoo! hopes to be an efficient “memeplex.” In other words, somewhere to multiply and distribute fragments of information. These fragments, or “memes,” travel from one person to another and survive through their own merits or circumstances. They evolve, suffer mutations and some may even get to be very famous.

Memes have always run loose through the Internet, surviving all kinds of hazards: heavy rain, unstable Internet connections, heat waves or packed inboxes. We hope that here they will find a warm environment where they can live and reproduce freely.