Why Brand Loyalty Hinges on Social Media Engagement

In order to achieve brand loyalty, one must first understand what it really means.

Ask any marketer who their ideal customer is, and most will tell you the same thing: a loyal one. This is because, as we all know, keeping customers is more cost-effective and efficient than finding new ones. However, the concept of brand loyalty is often difficult to pinpoint, much less cultivate. In order to achieve brand loyalty, one must first understand what it really means.

What is brand loyalty? Brand loyalty is partiality toward one particular business or product over a competitor. On social media, that loyal customer is more likely to comment, share, follow or post user-generated content to your brand’s profile over another. That behavior thereby extends your business’ reach and impact on social and beyond.

In the past, loyalty grew solely from a love of a product. While that still holds true in many cases, it is now a two-way street: A loyal customer expects something in return. Today, brand loyalty can be sparked, cultivated and maintained through smart social media engagement.

Like any social media strategy, to see a payoff, engagement takes time and effort. Being there–whether it is to answer questions or provide a friendly face for your brand–is important when you’re building lasting relationships with customers.

So how do you exactly build loyalty through social media? Below, I’ve outlined just a few ways you can get a foster a loyal customer base through social media engagement:

Create a VIP customer list

Rolling out the red carpet for certain customers might seem like an over-the-top idea. However, creating a VIP program with actual customers can help brand awareness. Not only do you demonstrate to those select customers that their opinions are valued by your business, but you show others you appreciate the above and beyond effort.

Instead of thinking of them solely as amplification tools, your VIP customers can and should actually contribute to the conversation by posting as a guest on your blog or sharing content across all networks. These VIPs shouldn’t just be anyone. These are the customers who get every aspect of your business and showcase the utmost loyalty.

Rewards programs keep your best customers loyal and coming back. It doesn’t make much to show a little extra support to those who would battle the storm to see your company succeed. Trust us: They’re out there and want the recognition.

Use Twitter chats to create a community

Building brand loyalty all starts with conversation. Luckily, social media engagement requires the same thing. A great way to mix the two is through Twitter chats. There, you can connect other industry people, peers or the brand itself with others. They all have one thing in common: your brand. It is a great jumping-off point for conversation, but your chats should not revolve around you. Instead, bring in new topics based on current events or your VIPs interests.

When you offer an engaging and thoughtful topic, especially one your brand can sponsor, people will come back. People are constantly looking to connect with influencers and those in the industry besides sending friend requests. Twitter chats actually enhance conversation so those involved can cultivate real and impactful relationships.

Creating useful hubs for your enthusiasts, industry professionals and your brand can be a great spot to host. Your name will be associated with that space, which is only going to drive engagement with your brand.

Offer an easy route to reviews

In a report from BrightLocal, data showed that 88 percent of U.S. consumers read online reviews to make a decision about a business. This should show you just how critical online reviews can be to your brand. It’s too easy for consumers to find information on your business, and if there’s one bad experience, it could prevent others from coming through the door.

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