Ah, the power of free-association

Robert Novak’s column in the Chicago Sun-Times from Monday begins with this revealing lede:

“It was not merely a leak from the normally leak-proof Bush White House.”

No, it wasn’t. Someone picked up the phone and called you to leak the name of CIA agent Valerie Plame as an act of politicaal vengeance against her husband. They wanted you to print it and out Plame. Which you did. Now, almost two years later to the day, two other reporters may be going to jail for refusing to disclose the same source who leaked to you. No one knows if you named that source. Now, finally, will the truth be told?

Maybe one day, but not by Novak, at least not in this article. Here he’s writing about Alberto Gonzales as a possible Supreme Court nominee. But boy that lede sure seemed appropriate, given recent circumstances.

(“What recent circumstances?” asks Novak. “I haven’t discussed, written about, acknowledged or otherwise gone remotely on the record about anything recently circumstantial. But sure, I’d be happy to answer any questions you have by referring you to a certain eight pages in a certain recent judicial decision…”)