Aggregate Your Social Lifestream with SocialThing

socialthing.jpgIf you’re looking for another social networking aggregator to gather all your social networking updates, SocialThing might be the one you are looking for. Similar to FriendFeed but a lot simpler, SocialThing gathers updates from your social networking accounts for convenient browsing in a single page. That means, you no longer have to visit your social networking sites one by one to know your friends’ updates. socialthing_screen.jpgProbably knowing that FriendFeed has taken a step ahead of them, the guys at SocialThing deemed it necessary to make their site simpler than FriendFeed. Ok, I’m jumping off Tech Crunch comparison of FriendFeed and SocialThing. But you can’t help but compare these two sites however, as they both perform the same things.

SocialThing is very simple to use to the point that all you have to do to get started is create an account, choose from pre-loaded social networking sites that you used and start receiving updates from your friends in those social networking sites.

But unlike FriendFeed, SocialThing lets you reply to updates directly from your SocialThing account. On the other hand, one SocialThing doesn’t allow you to do is to aggregate your feeds which FriendFeed lets you to do.

Social Thing is currently in by-invitation-beta mode. If you want to try out SocialThing, I’ve got 10 invites to share, just leave a comment in this post. (Hats off to TC)