Aggregate All Your Tweets, Facebook Posts, Instagram Pics with Banjo

It takes several apps to keep up with all our disjointed social networks. Banjo, a new iPhone and Android app coming out today, aims to solve the fragmentation of the social media. Banjo incorporates the different social networks into one simplified service, offering a single point for updates from Facebook, Twitter, and more. You can think of Banjo to be for social networks, what TweetDeck was for Twitter and Facebook.

In addition to be a social dashboard, Banjo is kind of a social discovery service that helps you locate nearby social connections in real time. Once started, the app shows updates from 16 (this is the default number and can be changed with the boundary of your social network) closest users of any network (twitter, facebook etc).

Banjo doesn’t require log-in while syncing with the social networks, however, the service will be limited to your nearby friends in the social network.

According to founder and CEO, Damien Patton, Banjo will help form an instant community without any prerequisites to invite people, signup or to check in. Banjo is designed as a personal aggregated RSS feed of all the social media in one place, rather than a public profile of all the social network of a user. Banjo keeps a user connected with all his social media and a user don’t need to be part of a community to view it. Patton said;

I think about being overseas now, and with Banjo, you could click on whatever community you’re from, and instantly you’d see people eating at your favorite restaurant, you’d see people talking about something coming up, or about things that are changing.

Banjo has been released on both Apple’s app store and the Android marketplace.