Adding Simple Web-Based Photo Effects

picreflectThese days kids are bouncing out of public schools with academic Web training. That means many of them know how to create Web pages, produce podcasts and manipulate photos. Many bloggers I have met are proficient on one thing, and that’s writing. They really have no interest in a lot of the other elements that make a blog successful, such as images.

Picreflect is a neat little Website that can add a new dimension to your blog. Actually, a new reflection. If you have 10 seconds and a digital photo, you can add a reflection. All you have to do is indicate the following:Height of reflection
Percentage of transparency
Final picture size
If you want the photo flipped
Background color

Just like magic, you’re Bob Ross (the late, great PBS painter)! You can download your enhanced image and use as desired.

The Website is clutter-free without and annoying ads.

If you enjoy adding reflections, don’t forget about the Website’s sister, Picshadow.

And if you don’t want to spring for Photoshop, and are looking for a more robust solution, check out: