Add Wireless Communication To Digital Cameras

One of the most useful gadgets that I own is an Eye-Fi memory card that has built-in WiFi. The card that I currently own has 2 GB of storage space and can communicate with my home computer via my WiFi network.

With the card in my camera, the process of transferring new pictures to my PC is a simple matter of turning the camera on and running the Eye-Fi Viewer app on my PC. The file transfers automatically occur for all new pictures that are on the card, and you can configure the Eye-Fi software to automatically share the pictures on web sites like Flickr and Facebook.

One problem that I have with the Eye-Fi card that I have is that it can only transfer pictures via a WiFi network, which means that if I am in a hotel I have to configure the card to work with the hotel’s WiFi network. Eye-Fi has announced an upgrade for their X2 line of cards, which are the latest version, that adds a direct transfer mode to the card.

Direct Mode will wirelessly transfer pictures from the camera to a PC, tablet, or smartphone that is running an Eye-Fi app without the camera having to connect to a WiFi network. Eye-Fi has not yet provided information about when they will be releasing the apps.

Direct Mode is a free update to Eye-Fi X2 cards and will be released later this year. Unfortunately, I have one of the original Eye-Fi cards that cannot be upgraded. You will find the Eye-Fi cards at Best Buy, Walmart, Office Depot, Target, and Radio Shack stores, as well as online. Several models of Eye-Fi cards are available ranging in either 4 GB or 8 GB sizes.