About Washington Post Blogroll

Since beginning of this year I’m member of Washington Post blogroll and I’m very happy that I have been invited to join other members and take certain advantages of WPNI blogroll. I think the idea of such blogroll is very good and can bring benefits not only for bloggers but for WPNI also.

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So, what is WPNI blogroll? It is list of bloggers who agree to become members of the WPNI blogroll by accepting to display ads from WPNI partners, of course bloggers receive certain share of income from advertisers. Ads isn’t only benefit of WPNI blogroll – they are also offering spot at Washington Post homepage where are displayed members of the blogroll. Actually it is no use of such spot, because, located at the bottom of the page, it brings you no traffic. I would be very glad to see that blogroll is better integrated in WP page. One of my ideas is to display related articles from member blogs under the article, because it could give readers few more viewpoints of the theme and bring bloggers traffic. I think such, more open, system will be appreciated from WP readers and bloggers at the same time. And, I think, you all understand how happy bloggers can affect popularity of WP 😉

Now is available WPNI blogroll widgets which you can insert in your blog and help to promote others, but it looks like WPNI is trying to transfer all hard promotional work back to bloggers. Of course it could be one alternative how to do that, but it shouldn’t be only one!

Of course there are more much more ideas that can be realized to build better blogroll, or even blogger community. WP can learn much things how to do it from guys at 9Rules, for example. All that is long term work, but there are much simpler things to do – design of the WPNI blogroll directory and blog is, hmm… how to say… ugly! Isn’t there anyone who can work a little to make the look of the page a bit attractive – I even don’t know if I want to link to the such page. …Ok, ok, here is link, but don’t show it to anyone. If you are having problems to find a somebody with knowledge of PhotoShop I have some ideas, and I’m not expensive 🙂 You really need to think about these things, because it can really affect business and brand.

I don’t want to say that WPNI is bad, it is pretty cool and I’m very sure that it can be much better and more qualitative. Monetizing opportunities for bloggers is good and business model in general is built very strong and well thought-out. And the name of Washington Post can help to build powerful platform for bloggers and advertisers who want to use blogs to promote their business.

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