The A To Z Guide To Social Media

Forsythe Technology’s senior communications manager Matthew Royse recently assembled a very handy A to Z Guide to Social Media.

We were impressed with the effort, as well as the content, so we included some highlights below – plus a few additions of our own.

**H for Humanize. Social media is humanizing brands. Humans connect with humans – not with brands or logos. Social media helps tear down the traditional walls that large organizations put up. Read10 ways to humanize your brand on social media.

**Q for Quora. With the death of LinkedIn answers, this Q&A site has a lot of potentialBing has integrated it into its social search. Read 9 ways to get more out of Quora.

**V for Voice. It is important to find your authentic voice in social media and craft your own voice. Read how 5 brands crafted their social media voice and 5 tips to strengthen your company’s social media voice. Have you developed your own personal social media voice? What about your brand’s voice? Read 20 great social media voices and how to develop your own.

Read the full A to Z Guide right here.

And some additions of our own we’d submit to Royse’s social media alphabet:

B for B2B. There is a very distinct difference between business to consumer (B2C) social networking and business to business (B2B) social marketing, with tactical efforts towards the latter more important than ever before.

H for Hacking. Data security is a hot-button issue of late, with high-profile hacks targeting brands from Burger King to Jeep.

M for Mobile. 2013 promises to be the year of mobile marketing. For the first time, brands and businesses are seeing mobile search outpace desktop search, and the ROI from mobile marketing efforts is higher than ever. Indeed, mobile advertising is on track to pass $5 billion by 2015.

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