‘A Telethon Without A Disease’

Every so often during live television, the correspondents actually tell how they really feel about each othere. Here’s an exchange between Wolf “Everywhere” Blitzer and Jack “Why do they make me do this?” Cafferty from yesterday‘s “Situation Room” that had a little too much truth in it:

BLITZER: Let’s get some more useless — useful — useful — information, Jack Cafferty standing by in New York. I almost said useless information, Jack, but I corrected myself.


CAFFERTY: I heard that. Was that a Freudian slip, Wolf?

BLITZER: No. I think it’s very useful.


CAFFERTY: How many hours have you been on your feet today?

BLITZER: Too many. Too many.


BLITZER: Too many.

CAFFERTY: You’re a tough guy. They should pay you by the word. THE SITUATION ROOM resembles a telethon without a disease the last couple of days. It just goes on and on and on.

BLITZER: It’s over. It’s over with now.

Is Wolf cracking under the pressure of hosting a round-the-clock news show seven days a week? Is anyone sure this note isn’t actually a desperate plea from Wolf Blitzer?