A Klout Score Of 75 Or More Will Give You A Tweet Half-Life 70 Times Longer Than Others [STATS]

If you’ve hit Twitter superstardom, you will likely have a high Klout score. And if it’s high enough, your tweets might even be seeing a 70 times longer lifespan compared to those poor plebs with lower scores.

The Klout team examined about a week’s worth of retweets in order to determine how long they lasted on Twitter. This amounted to hundreds of millions of retweeted pieces of data that they grouped together by author and calculated the related Klout scores and retweet success for.

Specifically, they measured the half-life of a retweet coming from those with Klout scores over 75, between 30 and 70, and those below 30. They found that those with the higher Klout scores saw a nearly 70 times longer half-life than those with scores between 30 and 70. However, those with scores lower than 30 had a longer half-life than the tire above them – their retweets just don’t see nearly the same volume.

Take a look at the chart that Klout put together illustrating the different lengths of time a tweet is retweeted for below, and notice the massive jump from just over 100 retweets to more than 300 retweets as Klout scores move from 70 to 75:

It’s not easy to pump up your Klout score above 75. In fact, even some of the most engaged tweeters I know, like Dave Larson from @TweetSmarter, don’t have a Klout score that high (his is 70 – very impressive!).

It seems the coveted 75+ score group consists mostly of celebrities and larger-than-life figure, like Lady Gaga (92 Klout), Barack Obama (80 Klout) and Ashton Kitcher (82 Klout). Still, nice to know these guys are seeing so much success with their tweeting!

(Image courtesy of Dirk Ercken via Shutterstock)