A Dirty Printed Matter Shame


We’re still trying to figure out what exactly happened to us last night, but we’re pretty sure the downhill direction started with the passing-around of auteur (we ARE writers!) director John Waters’ “Being a member of Printed Matter is really sweet” letter. We have the hottest PDF ever on our computer, but it seems that the blogosphere just can’t handle the truth. Thankfully for you, we’re feeling fastidious and learned in architecture school that we really like typing:

Dear Friend of Printed Matter,

Printed Matter
is, of course, not just a bookstore–it’s a way of life and I urge you to join the cult.

Ever since Printed Matter opened, I have been an eager customer, an enthusiastic audience at their book launches, and a repeat visitor to the gallery shows. In fact, I daily resist the urge to carve the initials “P.M.” into my forehead with a red hot poker.

You, too, can be a member of this cutting edge organization. Be well read, cruise cute people in the store, and discover new artists that will make your jaw drop. Join up today or I’ll have you killed.

John Waters