A Challenge to Publishers: Reveal Your Kindle Sales

Yesterday, Blogger Mike Cane of The eBook Test got fed up with Amazon’s secrecy surrounding Kindle book sales numbers. Amazon claims to have had record Kindle and Kindle book sales this Christmas, but won’t provide any specific numbers. So, Cane issued a challenge to publishers on his blog: “I’m giving you a task: The first week in January, all of you issue a joint press release stating what your largest eBook sellers have been on the Kindle.

Apparently, amazon_sm.pngsomeone has decided to break the wall of secrecy and answer. An anonymous party left this comment on Cane’s blog at 1:31 today: “I work for a trade house, and while I am not going to reveal my identity or that of my employer, I can tell you that our top Kindle sales of any one title are in the range of about 1000 downloads life to date. I am someone who receives the sales numbers for our titles directly from Amazon and I look at them every week; and, I agree that the actual sales numbers are much LOWER than anyone is pretending to have achieved.”

If this comment is true, it’s shocking–as Cane points out, for all the hype Kindle has gotten, these are really low numbers–but in another way, perhaps not so surprising, especially given how carefully Amazon has kept its numbers a secret, and the fact that it’s only during this holiday shopping season that eReaders have hit the main stream.

But will anyone else come forward?