A Better World on Facebook: Perform Good Deeds to Help Real Charities

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Back in 2011, we took our first look at A Better World, a Facebook game from ToonsUp that encourages users to perform good deeds both in-game and in the real world to create a better world for us all. The game is still going strong on Facebook, with over 2.5 million players (to date) performing almost 24 million good deeds.

In A Better World, users create an avatar, and are given a home to decorate using gold they earn while playing. This gold is earned by completing good deeds, like helping friends or family members, helping with the chores, being “green” in everyday life (say, by recycling), and more. The game supports these “on your honor” tasks, and also allows users to complete deeds within the game itself.

For instance, users can type and send get well messages to sick children without leaving the app. Depending on the social room they choose, users can share messages of hope, prayer, gratitude and more. The more actions players complete, the more gold they earn, and the more virtual furniture, clothing or pet items they can add to their home.

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As players complete these good actions, they’ll also receive “Positive Points,” the game’s experience points. The more points players earn, the more rooms are added to their home to hold these items.

Since launch, the game has been updated with a Monthly Challenge system, which encourages users to complete large numbers of good deeds each month. When the month is over, the developer makes a donation to the charity of the month. These charities have included The Miracle Foundation, Angels & Doves, Life Vest, Operation Warm, CURE International, Integral Heart Foundation, Cradles to Crayons and more. This month, the game is supporting One Simple Wish, a foundation that works to help children in foster care and at-risk youth.

In addition, the game was recently updated with in-game items from the animated movie Legends of Oz. This partnership saw users given the chance to decorate their home and avatar with themed items from the film.

A Better World is available to play for free on Facebook. Users can spend real money on premium items in the game’s store.