8 eBookstores Where You Can Purchase eBooks Online

Whether you agree or not, ebooks are here to stay. It is bound to replace the old printed books as we know it today. The proof? There are now several online ebook stores where you can purchase and download commercially published books. Here are some of them.

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Barnes & Noble

B&N’s online bookstore has been around for quite some time now, but it only started offering ebook version of commercially published books recently. What’s so good about B&N’s online ebookstore is its tie-up with Apple and RIM for their respective Barnes&Noble mobile phone apps. If you still prefer to read on your PC or Windows machine, you can download B&N’s desktop reader instead. B&N also offers discount coupons from time to time if you register and agrees to receive updates via email.

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Amazon Kindle Books

Amazon’s Kindle Books online store may be the reasonw why the likes of Barnes and Noble and Sony decide to come up with their own ebookstore. The Amazon Kindle Book store supports downloading of ebooks directly to the Amazon Kindle. So, it is a must that you purchase the Amazon Kindle ebook reader. While this is an innovative idea, it may also be the cause of Amazon’s Kindle Book Store downfall. Not everybody have a Kindle Reader and definitely not everyone will want to buy it.

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Sony eBook Store

Sony was lucky enough to snag a deal to give access to free public domain books on Google’s Book Service. But apart from public domain books, the Sony eBook Store also lets you purchase books which you can read on your desktop PC or Mac or from your a Sony eBook Reader. The Sony eBook Reader is Amazon Kindle’s fiercest rival to day. So with the launch of the Sony eBook Store, it has finally seal a official rivalry with Amazon.

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Taylor & Francis

Features a collection of titles that you can buy in the current popular formats including DX Portable. It also supports ebook formats that can be read through Mobipocket, Microsoft Reader, and Adobe Reader. Taylor & Francis’ ebook collection consists of ebooks from Routledge, Routledge-Cavendish, Garland, CRC Press, Psychology Press and Taylor and Francis.

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Cambridge eBookstore

Cambridge University Press’ eBookstore is fairly new so don’t expect the same depth on their ebooks collection as with their catalog of printed books. The ebookstore supports both Microsoft and Adobe Reader formats. You can also download purchased books on your handheld devices provided that it is supported by the ebookstore. This includes the Sony eBook Reader, Iliad ebook reader and more.

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Harlequin eBookstore

Harlequin eBookstore also offers ebooks in various formats readable through Adobe Digital Editions, Microsoft Reader and Mobipocket Reader. It allows re-downloading of ebooks you’ve purchased in case you’ve deleted it already on your PC or Mac. What the site didn’t say is whether it supports downloading on a portable ebook reader.

RandomHouse eBookstore

Random House eBookstore sells books online in various ebook formats including – Adobe PDF, Microsoft Reader LIT, Mobipocket PRC, eReader formats for pocket PC, and eBookWise device.

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Powell eBookstore

Powell eBookstores supports downloading of their ebooks on various popular ebook readers including the Sony Reader, Astak EZ Reader, BeBook, COOL-ER and more. It supports four formats of ebooks supported by the following readers – Adobe Digital Editions, Microsoft Reader, and Palm Device Reader. It also has DRM-free ebooks in PDF format.

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Books on Board

Aside from supporting your usual ebook formats readable in Sony eBook Reader, Cybook/Opus and AzTak EZReader, Books on Board also supports mobile phone devices such as the iPhone, Palm and Blackberry handsets. This is in addition to allowing you to download and read their ebooks on a PC or Mac. Books on Board carry popular bestsellers in their ebook collection.